Nikon reportedly wants to stop producing new DSLR cameras


According to current reports, Nikon will stop developing and producing digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras. Instead, the Japanese camera manufacturer should focus on the production of mirrorless system cameras (DSLM).

Nikon reportedly wants to exit the DSLR camera market. That wants Nike Asia have experienced. One reason for the withdrawal is the strong competition from smartphones, which have better and better cameras. Instead, the traditional Japanese company wants to focus on mirrorless system cameras. Nikon responded to the report with a brief opinion. It states that the report is pure speculation and that Nikon will continue to produce and sell digital SLR cameras.

No new SLR camera since 2020

Even if Nikon denies Nikkei Asia’s report, it is still striking that the Japanese manufacturer has not launched a new DSLR model since June 2020. The last digital SLR camera to be released was the flagship D6 model. In addition, the company only announced in June that production of the affordable D3500 and D5600 DSLR models would be discontinued.

It remains to be seen whether Nikon will actually stop developing, producing and selling DSLR cameras. However, the impression arises that SLR cameras will at least only play a subordinate role. Other manufacturers such as Sony or Fujifilm have already left the DSLR market completely.

Are mirrorless system cameras the future?

A focus switch at Nikon from digital SLR cameras to mirrorless system cameras would not be too much of a surprise, since DSLM cameras have some advantages over DSLR cameras. They are more compact, comparatively cheap and are particularly suitable for photography beginners. In addition, they can shoot photos faster and process the captured images faster.

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