Nintendo warns against using the switch – heat wave could become a risk

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Nintendo issued a warning about using the Switch at excessive temperatures. In the event of a possible heat wave, the device is better left off.

Kyoto, Japan – Temperatures are rising drastically in Japan these days. For this reason, Nintendo has now published a warning via the Japanese Twitter account. This is explicitly aimed at Switch owners, because playing with the console when it is too hot should be avoided. According to experts, a heat wave is also looming in Germany, which could also affect the use of the home Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo warns via Twitter not to use Switch in heat

Nintendo recommends: As Nintendo announced on Twitter, the switch should be left in the closet if the temperature is too high. The console was designed for use at temperatures between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius. In some parts of Japan, this temperature limit has already been exceeded. But Europe is already struggling with a heat wave. Temperatures well above 30 degrees Celsius have also been recorded in England in the past few days.

It can happen: While there can be no danger to players when used in the sun, the Switch can be affected by the high temperatures. The console has a built-in protection mechanism and will shut down if the case gets too warm.

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Nevertheless, this can lead to damage within the technology that can affect the performance and efficiency of the switch in the long term. Such damage is not covered by the warranty as using the console above 35 degrees Celsius is against the operating recommendation.

Nintendo warns against using the switch – heat wave could become a risk © Nintendo

Attention should be paid to: In order to avoid such damage, the Switch should be completely avoided on extremely hot days. But even with only slightly elevated temperatures, it is worth paying attention to Nintendo’s recommendations. Because if you play with the console, it is important that the ventilation is not blocked. These are located both at the top center of the console and at the bottom rear. In addition, the switch dock should not be located in a place with direct sunlight.

Heat wave is also coming to Germany – it’s better to skip the Nintendo Switch

Germany could also be affected soon: Also in Germany announces a heat wave, as reported by According to experts, the 40 degree mark could even be reached in the west of Germany in the next few days. But temperatures of over 35 degrees Celsius are also expected in the south.

According to Nintendo’s recommendation, it is better not to use the switch in some parts of Germany. A new Splatoon edition of the Switch has just been announced for the summer. Hopefully it will be cool enough to play by the time of release.