Outriders Worldslayer Test – Whether it’s worth it depends on your playstyle

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For those who devoured Outriders, Worldslayer offers tons of new content. However, solo players prefer to think twice.

If you had fun with Outriders last year, you will definitely have fun with the Worldslayer expansion. This is probably the shortest and most accurate conclusion I can give you. I had already given you a few first impressions of this and they only solidified further. Worldslayer effectively does what should be expected of an expansion: it delivers new content that gives you more gameplay and keeps you busy for a few more hours. How many that ends up depends on how you play.

The process in the new campaign does not change much. You travel through different areas of the game world and periodically shoot down enemies who stand in your way. Sounds unspectacular, but the fights are still the highlight of Outriders. They are demanding due to the constant enemy superiority, require constant movements from you and a good overview of the battlefield. Your skills need to be used judiciously so that the approaching enemies don’t finish you off in a short time. It is stressful and fun at the same time and always a great pleasure.

Worldslayer’s gameplay is as exciting as the main game

The story… yes, don’t take it too seriously, much like the main game, and you can have fun with it. It really isn’t the story that makes me play Outriders, it’s the entertaining gameplay that simply hits the nail on the head with People Can Fly. It works and it works great. Worldslayer adds many new ways to customize and strengthen your character, whether it’s through new skill trees or new gear. It’s almost a game in itself, the possibilities here are so extensive. And that’s great because it gives you maximum flexibility.

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A downside of the campaign is that this time there are basically no major side activities, you primarily follow the main path through Worldslayer. But it is very well implemented, convinces with its new, beautifully designed environments and the new enemies and bosses, including new attack patterns that People Can Fly introduces. It’s a relatively short, around six hour, but consistently entertaining experience.

You should rather ask yourself whether the short campaign is worth the 40 euros that Worldslayer costs. You’ll get the most out of the expansion if you’ve been involved with Outriders for a long time and want to do the same with Worldslayer. Just maxing out the new skill trees will take quite a while. Exactly how long is difficult to estimate.

Aside from the campaign, however, the heart of Worldslayer is the multiplayer-focused endgame content Trial of Tarya Gratar. It’s a repeatable and massive activity with varying difficulty levels that confronts you with tons of enemies and no less loot. In other words, the perfect way to engage with the game and grind for loot in the future. Of which you have nothing if you are mainly traveling solo. Of course, this detracts from the value of Worldslayer for solo players, so it’s important that you’re aware of that.

Outriders Worldslayer Review – Conclusion

In the end I wouldn’t recommend Worldslayer to all Outriders fans without hesitation. For those who act mainly solo, 40 euros for a few hours of campaigning might be a bit too much of a good thing. It may be worth waiting for a later sale. I can recommend Worldslayer without hesitation to anyone else who has dealt intensively with Outriders and also takes every endgame content with them and exhausts it: you will be offered enough innovations that will keep you busy for the long term. If you are willing to put in the time required, Trial of Tarya Gratar combined with the new abilities and skills is definitely a worthwhile activity to maximize your character.

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