Pokémon GO: Aggressive players chase trainers away from his home – “Get out of my arena”

Pokémon GO: Aggressive players chase trainers away from his home - "Get out of my arena"

Attacking Gyms is one of the core features in Pokémon GO. Now the story of a trainer who was chased away by strange players near his home is spreading.

Reddit user u/thoughtlessPhantasm shared an experience on the social network of stranger Pokémon GO Trainers being rude to him. He wrote, “Approaching strangers and telling them ‘Get out of my arena’ is unacceptable, never.

How did the situation go? When reddit user u/thoughtlessPhantasm woke up, he saw that an arena near his home had been taken over. In this arena, he writes on reddit, he had a Pokémon. So the coach decided to attack the arena – with success.

After his victory in the gym, the trainer decided to use one of his Pokémon to defend it and go home.

However, 15 minutes later the arena had already been taken over by someone else, so u/thoughtlessPhantasm went out to take it again.

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Kindness falls on deaf ears

Why was the trainer chased away? After u/thoughtlessPhantasm attacked the arena again, it was about 30 minutes before two strangers approached him and asked if he was playing Pokémon GO.

The coach said yes, which seemed to bother the two strangers. The two players said, according to u/thoughtlessPhantasm, that they will continue to kick him out of the arena.

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As a result, the reddit user said he tried to be nice and replied, “Hey! I’m from here too. I’ll stop attacking the arena and we could do events and stuff together!”

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But the two coaches didn’t seem keen on the idea. They replied “Not while we’re in quarantine” and gave him scornful looks, according to the reddit user.

Arguing in a game designed to bring people together

What conclusion did the coach draw from the situation? At the end of the post, u/thoughtlessPhantasm wrote that he found such hostility unacceptable and was incredibly uncomfortable with the situation. After all, they play – both the reddit user and the foreign trainers – a game that is supposed to bring people together.

Finally, the trainer asked that people should be nice to each other, even if they are fighting for an arena.

What is your experience with foreign trainers? Do they meet you in a more friendly and helpful way or have you also been rudely attacked by other players or even chased out of an arena? Write it to us here on MeinMMO in the comments!

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