Prime Day: Grab an Ultra Wide Monitor from Samsung on sale today only

samsung ultra wide monitor prime day

Prime Day is coming to an end again. Seize the moment and get yourself an Ultra Wide Monitor from Samsung today only.

gaming in Ultra wide format is becoming more popular. The wider image enables deeper immersion, because on the one hand more is displayed and the screen occupies a larger part of the field of view. at Amazon can you just get yourself a fantastic representative in the Prime Day offer get the best price.

Directly to the offer on Amazon

That’s how good the Prime Day deal is

If you have one Prime Membership you can Samsung C49RG9 now on amazon for good €799 order. Of the Shipping is free. the RRP of the model is included 1269 euros.

Nowhere else can you currently get the device as cheaply as at Amazon. Mindfactory sells the monitor a cent cheaper, but there are also shipping costs of 59.99 euros.

Since the market launch, the Samsung monitor has only been cheaper once and only once at the current price. Of the lowest price lies by 774.99 euros and dates from December 2021. So this is one excellent price. (Source:

Now grab that Samsung C49RG9 for only €799

The technical data of the Samsung C49RG9 at a glance:

Screen size (cm/inch) 124cm / 49in
resolution WQHD 5120×1440 pixels
aspect ratio 32:9
reaction time 4ms
Horizontal viewing angle 178º
Viewing angle vertical 178º
brightness 600 cd/m²
number of colors 1.07 billion
refresh rate 120Hz

Strike now: Samsung C49RG9 for only €799

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Everything about Prime Day

We accompany the Prime Day on July 12th and 13th for you in ours Amazon Prime Day Hub. Here you will find the best offers and deals so that you can get the best bargains.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 live now: These are the best offers

The Ultra Wide Monitor from Samsung can do that

The monitor comes in huge 32:9 format, making it one of the widest models on the market. The resolution is with WQHD but still pleasantly high and also the refresh rate from 120Hz knows how to convince.

The testers of the well-known site have the Samsung C49RG9 Ultra Wide Monitor in November 2020 and came to the following conclusion:

The Samsung CRG9 is ideal for gaming. Thanks to his fast reaction time, he has an impressive movement behavior, which leads to very clear movements. It also has very low input lag at its native refresh rate and supports FreeSync to reduce screen tearing, but only via DisplayPort. Unfortunately, the picture degrades at an angle, making it not ideal for co-op gaming.


  • Large screen size
  • High refresh rate
  • Good response time
  • VRR support

  • Limited ergonomics due to the size of the monitor

Buy the Samsung C49RG9 now for only €799

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