PS Plus, Game Pass and Co: Which subscription services do you spend money on every month?

In our survey, we want to know which gaming subscriptions you use.

In our survey, we want to know which gaming subscriptions you use.

A few years ago we went to our trusted retailer and bought the new game there, but the trend is increasingly towards digital purchases. But gaming services such as PS Plus, Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch Online or Apple Arcade are also becoming more and more relevant.

57% more sales: From 2019 to 2021, the annual turnover with online gaming services increased from EUR 459 million to EUR 720 million, partly due to the pandemic and the associated boom in the gaming industry, with a slight upward trend. (via Statista)

Which gaming subscriptions do you use?

In our GamePro survey, we therefore want to know from you which gaming services you usually spend money on every month, but also how many services you usually take out at the same time.

How has your gaming behavior changed?

We would also like to hear from you how your behavior in terms of dealing with gaming services or online subscriptions has changed over the years. Were you maybe a passionate collector in the past and now only get games from Game Pass or now from PS Plus Premium? Or are you perhaps oversaturated by the increasing subscription offer and are therefore buying more specific games again?

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We’d love for you to tell us more about how you deal with online subscriptions in the comments. Thank you in advance for your participation and we are very excited to hear your attitude towards the topic. As usual, we will evaluate the result and your answers in a separate article in the coming days.

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