Returnal soon on PC: PS5 hit should conquer Steam

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The roguelike Returnal was a roaring success for Sony and the PS5. Now the hit should also conquer Steam and challenge PC gamers.

Helsinki – The PS5 at the end of the year before last with some real hits. In addition to the remake of the Souls classic Demon Souls, the heavy Returnal was also able to convince the players in 2021. Over the past few years, Sony has gradually started bringing its best games and exclusive titles to the PC. After Days Gone, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn. Uncharted and Spider-Man should now appear as a leak Returnal on the PC. It would be another big step for Sony to bring a new popular PlayStation brand to a wider player base on PC.

First publication date April 30, 2021
developer Housemarque
Editor (Publisher) Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
platform PlayStation 5
genre Rogue-like, third-person shooter, psycho-horror

Returnal PC: Port information leaked to Steam

What happened? Sony has released particularly popular PlayStation exclusive titles on the PC in recent years. Currently there is a good chance that Returnal could also find a new home on Steam. The website reported that an ominous entry has been made in the Steam database that points to Sony’s sci-fi shooter Returnal. The title still runs under the name “Oregon” in the database, but this can be changed by the manufacturer at any time.

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What details are known? There are some references in the entry on Steam that suggest that the entry in the database is about the game Returnal. The user tags, which are intended to describe the game, also point to a bullet hell shooter with a female protagonist that can be played in single player in third person. In addition, unambiguous terms from Returnal appear in the database with “Tower of Sisyphus”, “Atropos” and “Helios”.

The entry was last revised on July 11, 2022. So far, no further details on the PC implementation of the game are known, and a release date has not yet been officially set. Unfortunately, no date can be elicited from the entry in the database. However, the information so far is quite clear evidence and points to returnal.

What kind of game is Returnal? Returnal is Finnish studio Housemarque’s biggest project to date. The developer received very good ratings with the game last April across the board. We also tested Returnal and were thrilled. The rouglelite shooter is one of the best titles the PS5 has to offer so far. By the way, those of you who are lucky owners of a PS5 and a PS Plus Premium and Extra subscription do not have to wait for the PC version of Returnal, but can start playing right away.

Returnal PC Version – Where the information is coming from

First, reports on the entry in the Steam database. Eurogamer is an established industry site that has been reporting on games for many years. So it’s very likely that Returnal will actually be coming to PC via Steam soon. Not only has Sony already started porting its major brands to the PC, in July 2021 it became known that Sony had even bought the “Nixxes Software” studio specifically for this purpose.

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Returnal: PC version leaked on Steam © Housemarque

From an economic point of view, all these steps make perfect sense. Sony owns many successful brands that are very easy to repurpose on the PC. Sony would be at a clear disadvantage compared to Microsoft if they didn’t port their games to the PC. The future will show which titles from the PS4 and PS5 era can still be expected on the PC. Dark Souls and Elden Ring fans have been eagerly awaiting a PC port of Bloodborne since 2015. In theory, it would be easy for the manufacturer to make fans’ hearts beat faster.