Stranger Things: Season 4 also breaks Netflix records

Stranger Things: IRL Easter-Egg - Fans call out Surfer Boy Pizza (1)

from Sebastian Glanzer
The figures from the streaming platform now show how popular Stranger Things is on Netflix. In the first four weeks after its release, so many people watched Season 4 that Stranger Things 4 is now the highest-grossing (English-language) Netflix series.

Already with Season 3, Stranger Things broke the Netflix record for most viewers within four days of publication. Almost 20 million fans devoured the entire season even in the first few days. That’s pretty crazy, but Season 4, which started at the end of May 2022, takes it one step further.

Netflix has announced that Stranger Things 4 1.15 billion viewer hours within the first 28 days of release recorded. Season 4 was also literally devoured by many fans. As The Hollywood Reporter reports, the first seven episodes garnered 930 million viewer hours, with episodes 8 and 9 garnering 221 million viewer hours in the July 27-July 3 span alone. This is Stranger Things Season 4 the most popular English-language series on Netflix advanced.

Stranger Things: Season 4 grand finale trailer

Squid Game continues to top the list

However, the most successful series start and the most viewer hours across all regions continues to be Squid Game With 1.65 billion viewer hours in the first 28 days after release. In Q3 2021, Squid Game rescued Netflix subscription numbers, since then, the streaming platform has been in a downward spiral. In April this year, Netflix acknowledged that it lost around 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 due to various issues, such as increased competition and account sharing

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