Thor: Love and Thunder: Director sets condition for sequel

Thor: Love and Thunder: Director sets condition for sequel

Who currently from Marvel wants to be entertained in the cinema, he can in “Thor: Love and Thunder” into the muscular hands of the divine superhero for the fourth time. But although the new Thor film, like every MCU product, hits like lightning financially, the critics are moderately enthusiastic – our criticism of the film also shared the disappointment of many press representatives.

Apart from weaknesses and flop lists, the box office results are particularly relevant for sequels and in this respect a fifth movie around Thor certainly a tempting option for Marvel boss Kevin Feige. There is no question that we will see Thor again anyway: Without spoiling events from Thor: Love and Thunder, the end of the film says: “Thor will come again”.

Thor returns – with Taika Waititi in tow?

So the return of the charming thunder god seems inevitable, although it’s anyone’s guess whether that means a fifth Thor movie or just Thor’s involvement once the MCU, like the avengers again throwing multiple Marvel characters into the same scenario. Either way, the question naturally arises as to whether Director Taika Waititi will be back at the start should there be a fifth part.

Waititi, who previously contributed to Thor: Love and Thunder Thor: Day of Judgment directed, spoke about the possibility of his participation in another sequel now in one interview with the film magazine insider. The first thing he said was his surprise at the rather clear message at the end of the film:

“That was a surprise for me too, no kidding! I saw that in the theater and I was like, oh shit, really? Even Chris had that reaction. But sure, of course he’ll be back. He’s the best character! I mean, I might be a little biased, but he’s the one who’s the most fun to watch.”

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