Too good to miss: The best Prime Day Finale deals

Prime Day

Prime Day is coming to an end – you can only benefit from the top deals for a few hours! You should grab these offers before it’s too late.

The clock is ticking: Amazon Prime Day is ending soon! Tonight at 11:59 p.m. it’s over again and all the cheaply offered products have their usual prices again. But which ones are so good you can’t miss them? We tell you!

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You should not miss these offers

With the sheer mass of offers on Prime Day, it’s easy to lose track. No matter whether you gamble on the consoles or the PC, there is one for every area fat discounts. In our overview we summarize the best of the best, just have a look and get the most convincing offers now.

PC gaming on Prime Day: you can’t miss it

Gaming notebooks are currently an inexpensive way to buy a new gaming system. Especially when they are on sale! And with the Acer Predator Helios 300 you get a real performance monster: RTX 3070 Ti32 GB DDR5 RAM and a Intel Core i7-12700H provide plenty of steam under the hood. You can still get this powerful PC for €2249 until 11:59 p.m. today.

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The best deals for console gamers

Prime Day

Next to the console, the TV is pretty much the most important thing you need to gamble. Without the right resolution, games do like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or Halo Infinite half the fun. Also important: an HDMI 2.1 connection. Because without this, the 4K signal of the current generation of consoles cannot be transmitted adequately. This OLED TV from LG meets all these requirements. But you should hurry, the 55 and 65 inch versions of this TV are already sold out.

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Last chance: Get an OLED TV from Sony in the Prime Day offer

Amazon own brands cheaper than ever on Prime Day

Prime Day

When it comes to eBook readers, there really is only one king: the Kindle Paperwhite. Hardly any other manufacturer can match the reading comfort, battery performance and the overall package that the device from Amazon offers. Now for Prime Day there is the reader for the previous one Lowest price of €79.99. So if you plan to read books digitally in the near future, you should grab it before the end of today.

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If you are looking for music, audio books or specific Amazon Prime Video channels, you should take a look at the following article. Because currently Prime members get a lot of discounts or test subscriptions, such as Kindle Unlimited with a variety of eBooks for three months free.

Smartphones, films and toys on sale

Prime Day

Smartphones also come on Amazon Prime Day and one of the best you can get is this Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. Now that the sequel is out, there are even better discounts as part of Prime Day. It doesn’t have to hide from its successor either, the built-in hardware, camera and design are still convincing today. Grab this top smartphone for today only just €479!

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LEGO Star Wars sets reduced up to 30%: The force is with Prime Day

All these deals appeal to you, but you don’t have Prime and don’t want to pay for the service? No problem, because you get a (free) 30-day trial subscription to match Prime Day:

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