Twitch streamer runs straight 2,500 hours in Minecraft destroying the world

Titelbild Minecraft mit Diamantspitzhacke

Spread over 420 days, Minecraft streamer MysticalMidget ran 2,500 hours in one direction only to plunge to his death at the end of the world. Find out at MeinMMO how he accidentally destroyed the world.

Background of the action:

  • With almost 1,000 followers on Twitch, MysticalMidget is one of the smaller streamers on the platform.
  • He therefore tries to draw attention to himself with unusual actions
  • In February 2021 he started his journey to the end of the (Minecraft) world
  • This ended on July 11, 2022 with a fall into the abyss

Til the end of the world

Why is? The clip, which lasts around a minute, shows streamer MysticalMidget walking through an extremely buggy-looking Minecraft world while his friends cheer on him. He calls out “The world says no” a few times, and then the time has come: One more step and he falls through the ground into the abyss with a scream.

After a whopping 420 days, he reached the edge of the world and clipped through the ground. For a few seconds he can stop the inevitable death by eating bread, which heals in Minecraft, then it’s “Game Over”.

You can watch the whole clip in English here.

That’s behind the action

What exactly happened? Especially in open-world games, players often see it as a challenge to reach the end of the world. Often there are barriers, invisible walls or hidden surprises from the developers.

According to Mystical, it is only the 5th person who has made it to the “distant lands” (English: far lands) to run. These are at the extreme end of the generateable world. For this you have to travel about 12 million blocks from the central (0;0) coordinates to reach them in a legitimate way without cheats or teleportation.

However, he went a few more – or, to be more precise, 20 million – steps further and traversed them to get to the actual end of the world. In the newer versions of Minecraft, there is an impassable wall at this point. For his action, the streamer therefore had to travel back in time and play the beta 1.7 version. There is no wall there, the landscape supposedly simply continues.

To achieve this curious goal, Mystical invested over 2,500 hours spread over 420 days. Reactions on Reddit have been mixed. Some admire tenacity, others consider it the greatest waste of time ever.

What characterizes the “distant countries”? In addition to the fact that they are not easy to reach, the distant countries are characterized above all by their extremely unusual geography. They consist of a wild mix of biomes that you don’t actually get to see in Minecraft.

In addition, the enormous amount of blocks generated on the long way affects the performance. First of all, the movements become more sluggish, the frame rate drops and the CPU suffers. This can cause the game to crash.

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In the current version, a wall awaits you behind the “distant lands”, but in the older versions there are so-called “ghost blocks” or “fake blocks” that you simply fall through as soon as you enter them.

However, Mystical is not resting on its laurels. While still streaming, he switched to the 1.19 version of Minecraft and continued playing in another world.

Other content creators are always finding creative challenges to set. That recently ended for well-known YouTuber HandofBlood in a cauldron, scantily clad.