Windows 10 update: Patch KB5015807 brings these changes

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As always, the second Tuesday of the month means the release of a new update for Windows 10 users. Various security updates and bug fixes come with the KB5015807 patch.


Windows 10 updates
Windows 10 is updated. What’s the point this time?

New month, new update: Also in July, Microsoft is supplying the Windows 10 operating system with a new patch. The version number KB5015807 of the update brings the currently distributed Windows 10 versions 21H1, 21H2 and Windows Server 20H2 to build numbers 19042.1826, 19043.1826, and 19044.1826.

The current July update should also mean the penultimate conventional patch for Windows Server 20H2 at the same time: As Microsoft announces in the patch notes, support for the version mentioned will be discontinued on August 9, 2022. This means that devices running on 20H2 software will no longer receive security and function updates. Instead, Microsoft recommends an update to the more current OS Windows Server 2022.

Otherwise, the Windows patch provides KB5015807 as usual, several closed vulnerabilities – according to the security experts of the “Internet Storm Center” (I.S.C) a total of 86 vulnerabilities were patched in the July update for Windows 10. These include four critical vulnerabilities as well as another vulnerability that, according to Microsoft, is still being actively exploited. According to the ISC, none of the security-critical vulnerabilities had previously been made public by Microsoft.

The still active exploit is an attack on the “csrss.exe” process, which in turn is mainly responsible for managing the command line and executing processes and threads. This makes CSRSS (Client/Server Runtime Subsystem) one of the few functionally critical system processes, which makes the active vulnerability all the more serious. According to the ISC, the vulnerability is also easy to implement because, among other things, only a small number of authorizations are required and no user interaction is required – attackers can thus gain administrator rights comparatively easily.

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As usual on Patch Day, the update is automatically loaded and installed on the system via Windows 10 Update, depending on the setting. If necessary, patch KB5015807 can also be manually sent via Windows Update Catalog download and install.

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