You’ve never explored Los Santos like this before

Trevor from GTA 5 next to the GTA GeoGuessr logo

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Of: Adrienne Murawski

Have you been playing GTA 5 Online for years and know Los Santos inside and out? Then prove it in one of the GTA 5 GeoGuessr quizzes.

New York – Some time has passed since GTA 5 was first released. Almost nine years to be exact. Thanks to GTA Online and regular content updates, however, many players have never really gotten bored and probably know Los Santos better than the back of their hand by now. Ultra fans can prove this in the GTA GeoGuessr.

name of the game Grand Theft Auto V
release September 17, 2013
editor Rockstar Games
series Grand Theft Auto
developer Rockstar North
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC
genre Open world, action adventure

GTA 5 GeoGuessr: You can all play these versions for free

What is GeoGuessr? GeoGuessr is a game that was particularly popular during the corona pandemic. Because it is an online game that you can play alone or with friends. Basically, GeoGuessr is a geography puzzle game that takes advantage of Google Street View.

GTA 5 GeoGuessr: Quiz makes even Los Santos Ultras sweat © Rockstar Games/GTA GeoGuessr (Montage)

Players are “exposed” via street view somewhere in the world and then have to find out exactly where they are. This works by looking at the location using Street View and being able to localize your location using prominent buildings, signs or street names.

These GTA GeoGuessr are available: A GeoGuessr quiz is now also available for absolute “GTA 5” ultras, or actually there are even several quizzes. Here’s how fans can play Los Santos from GTA 5 in GeoGuessr. But there is also GeoGuessr San Andreas or the GTA GeoGuessr with Franklin. In the latter, players have to figure out where Franklin is. For the other two, your own location is important.

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GTA 5 GeoGuessr and GTA GeoGuessr also have different modes so fans can customize the game to suit their needs. For example, you can start with an easy lap and then gradually increase. The GTA GeoGuessr with Franklin even has a versus mode. Those who want it even harder can also restrict camera and player movement or set a timer to increase the excitement.

Selfie of Franklin in Los Santos.
With the GTA GeoGuessr you get selfies with Franklin and have to find out his location. © GTA GeoGuessr

The GTA GeoGuessr with Franklin tends to be more difficult than the other two quizzes. With this one you only get selfies from Franklin and have to use them to determine his location. Unlike the others, you can’t move further down the street, you only have a magnifying glass to see details on the selfie better.

GTA 5 GeoGuessr: Free quizzes with friends in multiplayer

More fun with friends: As the GTA GeoGuessr versus mode already suggests, you can also play the GTA 5 GeoGuessr quizzes with friends. This is of course even more fun and you can prove that you are the very best.

A screenshot of the GTA 5 GeoGuesser
The GTA 5 GeoGuessr in easy mode. © GTA GeoGuesser

GTA 5 GeoGuessr Free: All three ways to play GTA 5 GeoGuessr are completely free. With GTA San Andreas GeoGuessr, however, you first need an account so that the puzzles can begin. GTA 5 GeoGuessr and GTA GeoGuessr with Franklin, on the other hand, do not require an account. With the former you can just start right away, with the latter you just have to enter a nickname in the window and you’re good to go. So while fans are waiting for the release of GTA 6 or the big GTA Online summer update, this is a great place to pass the time.

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