Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW): Forever protected from lightning, this is how you can find the complete insulation set

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Isolierset finden (Guide), Rubber Set

There are many reasons electricity in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to be feared, after all there are a large number of opponents who like the hero Link with lightning attack, not to mention because terrible storms in Hyrule, which you involuntarily become one living lightning rod make. But fortunately there is salvation.

It comes in the form of insulation sets (Rubber Set), which consists of three parts and yours Resistance to electricity enormously increased. Each piece of armor protects a little from damage from attacks and from electricity if you have all three pieces at least on the second levelone is even completely ahead Lightning damage secure.

Extremely practical, especially in regions where there are several sources that want to shock Link with lightning. So that you no longer need to fear such attacks, we will explain them to you in this one Guide exactly where you the three parts of the insulation set can find and how to improve them.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW): How to find the complete insulation set

As already mentioned, the insulation set, like all other armor sets, consists of BotW also, of three parts, a helmet, armor and trousers. You can find two of these set parts as Reward in shrinesnamely the Toh Yassa Shrine and the Kyuta Nata Shrine. But you have to remove the helmet with the help of a side mission procure.

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Where can I find the insulating helmet?

A helmet from a ancient material called rubber, which protects against electric shock. You get this helmet from Cimina at the stable by the lakeif you die Side quest Lightning Rod have completed. Go to the stable by the lake and speak to the NPC Cimina, who will tell you that lightning strikes the stable with every thunderstorm.

Assure her that you will get to the bottom of this and climbs onto the wooden horse head on the roof of the stable where you have a Lumberjack Axe finds. Remove the weapon so it can no longer draw lightning and speak to Cimina again, who will thank you for your action insulating helmet presented.

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Where can I find the insulating armor?

This piece of equipment is located in the Toh Yassa Shrinewhich in turn is on the Thunder Plateau at the Tower of the Hills located. In order to be able to solve the tasks in this shrine, Link needs the Sheikah stonethe bomb module and the magnetic module. You can do that here 1x opal, 1x Token of Probation and of course the insulating armor dust off.

Where can I find the insulating pants?

The pants, the last piece of insulating armor in Zelda: Breath of the Wildis a treasure in the Kyuta Nata Shrinewhich is on Calora Lake located, in the region of Phirone Tower. You need to complete this temple just a sheikah stonebut finds the said trousers and, as always, a sign of probation.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW): Raise the insulating armor to level 4

The complete insulation armor in Breath of the Wild is of course very practical, but it only becomes really useful if you continue to improve it. Like most other sets, you do this at the fairies using different materials. The materials required are the same for each part and the maximum level is always the fourth.

Step defense materials
1 5 3 piles of Yellow Slime Jelly
2 8th 5 piles of Yellow Slime Jelly, 5x Trembling Fruits
3 12 5x trembling lines, 5x Echsalfos tails (yellow)
4 20 10x Echsalfos tails (yellow), 10x Topaz

Already from level 2 you are completely protected from lightning and need you from opponents like that yellow lizard salfos or before the Thunderstorms in Hyrule no longer to be feared. Keep improving them up to level 4 and you have decent armor with one extraordinary side effectwhich will make your adventure much easier.