Anno 1800: Update on the new DLCs – when will there be new information?

Anno 1800: ​Update 14.3 &  new DLC today - time and patch info

Ubisoft Mainz is working on the second with Reich der Lüfte DLC for Anno 1800 Season 4. The extension is scheduled to appear in the course of the summer – a specific release date has not yet been announced. In a current Blog entry the developers announce that they want to publish news about the add-on soon. “It’s July, summer already! This means that DLC 11 – Realm of the Air – is fast approaching and it won’t be too long before we can talk about airships, mail delivery and the features that the new game update will bring , will speak,” writes Ubisoft Mainz and promises to publish the first details at the end of the month.

Information about the kingdom of the air and update 15 coming soon

As the name already suggests, you are entering the age of airships. For this you use new building materials from the New World, with which you impressive airships builds. With the info package at the end of July, players will also find out what changes and new features come with Update 15 for Anno 1800, which is available as a free download. But before there is information about the new patch and the kingdom of the air DLC, the makers want to publish the first details about the Old Town Pack. In the coming days, “a first glimpse” of the cosmetic extension can be expected. The Old Town Pack emerged as the winner from a community vote – and brings new ornaments to the construction game.

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