Bayonetta 3 finally has a release date and new trailer

bayonetta 3 was announced for the Nintendo Switch five years ago, now there is finally the official release date. Not only is it clear when the action game will be released, but we can also enjoy a new trailer. He really makes you want to go to witch action.

Release Date: Bayonetta 3 has a new, wonderfully wacky trailer

That’s what it’s about: In “Bayonetta 3” the returns Witch with guns on her feet return. That also the third part extremely wacky again and would be exaggerated, was actually clear to everyone. How thick the developer studio Platinum Games and Nintendo are really applying this time is shown new gameplay trailer, for which over-the-top is still an understatement.

in case you’re wondering why Bayonetta 3 is actually released exclusively for the Nintendo Switchwe recommend this PlayCentral post:

bayonetta 3Bayonetta 3: Without Nintendo, the series would have been dead for a long time

release date is: But the new “Bayonetta 3” trailer doesn’t just show a lot totally insane actionbut also reveals the release date of the highly anticipated and long awaited action title. We finally know when the time has come and when we can really hit the plaster again:

  • Release date: Bayonetta 3 will be released for the Nintendo Switch on October 28, 2022.

Here you can Watch the brand new Bayonetta 3 trailer:

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New mode with less nudity: in the third part of the Bayonetta series we can not only play as the classic, eponymous witch heroine, but apparently also as different versions of her as well as for example as Viola, a witch-in-training. In addition, this time if desired, regulate the nudity down a few levels. Then the good witch covers herself a little more, but the gameplay doesn’t change. Of course we can our demonic pets again Gomorrah, Malphas or phantasmaraneae let off the leash.

What do you think of the new Bayonetta 3 gameplay trailer? What do you think of the announcement and the release date?

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