Drachenlord: erotic blog, sauna ban, Madeira move

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For the controversial YouTuber, streamer and internet star Rainer W. alias Drachenlord seems to have no end to it losing streak to want to give. After the 32-year-old influencer left a small village in Middle Franconia near Nuremberg had to answer before a court, and again with one suspended sentence with some conditions came of it sees you Rainer W currently again with many setbacks confronted. After moving out of his home earlier this year, the dragon lord with his eye-catching blue pick-up truck across Germany until he first lost his driver’s license and then his beloved vehicle. The relationship with his fiancé Mona only lasted for a short time, allegedly she had cheated on him. In the last few weeks there have been some sensational actions in the so-called “dragon game” between Rainer W. and his anti-fans, the so-called haters. Among other things, it was about his erotic blog, an adult sauna in Nuremberg, which the dragon lord has been fond of visiting for years, and his alleged move to the island of Madeira, where others have also Internet stars like Unge Life.

Drachenlord’s erotic blog caused horror

He attracted a lot of attention from his followers, whether fans or enemies now closed erotic blog of the dragon lord. Together with a small team of freelance authors, Rainer W. published there regularly erotic short stories. Those stories in which the dragon lord presumably Rape and incest were romanticized, idealized and played down. As a result, the outcry and confusion among the readers of the erotic blog was high.

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The blog is now offline, while the dragon lord diligently advertised its site on other platforms, including its streams and YouTube videos, which also led to criticism, as there were also many reached underage viewers will. To make matters worse for Rainer W., the team of authors also mingled undercover hater, which has been extensive in the recent past chat logs released with the Dragon Lord. The leaks can still be found online, for example on YouTube and Telegram.

House ban for Rainer W. in Nuremberg sauna

Another campaign recently caused a stir, involving a Erotic sauna went, which is aimed specifically at adult men. The dragon lord in Nuremberg has been visiting one of these regularly for many years (according to his own statement) in order to have fun there. However, during a visit a few weeks ago he was expelled from the house. The reason: The operator found out about Rainer W.’s online activities and now wants the 32-year-old because of it no longer received as a guest.

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