GTA Online: Rockstar nerft Flying Motorbike Oppressor MK II

With GTA Online offers rock star a big one for its players open world with lots of freedom. You can complete missions, race and jump into the game at any time PvP get in. On the one hand, this leads to memorable moments and is an important success factor of the game, on the other hand it also offers many possibilities for gamers who want to make life difficult for others.

Ever since the start of the multiplayer titles there are many fans who complain that others keep attacking and killing them repeatedly, losing all progress and gameplay. This issue has been addressed in the past by new content and increasingly powerful weapons taken to the extreme. One of these weapons fits rock star finally here: the notorious flying motorcycle Oppressor MK II.

GTA Online: Rockstar nerfs Oppressor MK II

That flying motorcycle is actually one of the most practical and coolest means of transport in “GTA Online”. It’s small, agile and fast, and it’s a lot of fun to use. It is also extremely powerful. So you can both homing missiles as well as automatic defense functions install and thus gets a small, manoeuvrable jet.

Of course they have been doing this for years griefer advantage. They circle with the Oppressor MK II across the map and attack every character they can spot. through the homing missiles it doesn’t even require particularly advanced skills. At the same time, the bike is incredibly difficult to hit, even guided missiles it can shake off.

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GTA 5GTA Online will finally bring you new content in a few weeks

A lot of people leave you right away serverif you have such a griefer discover. rock star has now taken on the problem and announced a few adjustments.

Both the Effectiveness of homing missiles as well as the effectiveness of defense functions must weakened will. How this will ultimately affect the game is still unclear. Nevertheless, many players are already looking forward to the announcement. In the future it should therefore be much more difficult to Oppressor MK II to suppress entire servers.

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