Huge Win on the Wheel of Fortune – player rakes in fat clunkers

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Of: Adrienne Murawski

Every day in GTA Online you can win prizes with a Wheel of Fortune. A player now really hit the mark and shares his win with the community.

New York – In GTA Online there are countless activities and things to do every day: race, complete missions, shop, customize your character or even play a little poker in the casino. Every day, players can try their luck on the wheel of fortune and win various prizes. These include reputation points, vehicles, money, clothing, discounts or even the mystery price. In the latter, a GTA Online player was particularly lucky and cleared away properly.

GTA Online player wins big with Diamond Casino Wheel of Fortune mystery prize

What did he win? There are a few things to do every day in GTA Online, and one of them is spinning the Wheel of Fortune at Diamond Casino. There, players can have a lot of luck and win real money. That’s why this activity is one of the 18 ways to make money quickly in GTA Online. Even if you don’t win much, at least you get small bonuses.

However, a GTA Online player really raked in the wheel of fortune and shared it directly with the fan community on Reddit. Namely, InspectorOk6313 won the Mystery Prize. With the wheel of fortune, it can be almost anything: clothing, money, vehicles or other things. However, InspectorOk6313 received something particularly valuable: a thick diamond.

Absolutely lucky: Player wins big prize on the wheel of fortune in GTA Online © YAY Images / IMAGO / Rockstar Games (Montage)

How much is the diamond worth? According to his own statement, the diamond in GTA Online is worth a whopping 135,000 GTA dollars – a considerable sum. Under the Reddit post however, other fans advise him not to sell the diamond immediately. Instead, InspectorOk6313 should wait until there are bonuses for sell missions. Then InspectorOk6313 could get double or triple out of the diamond.

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Also, many users recommend selling the diamond in “Invite Only” lobbies so that InspectorOk6313 cannot be disturbed by griefers or other players while selling.