Lighting according to your wishes: Nanoleaf sets on sale at Amazon

Lighting according to your wishes: Nanoleaf sets on sale at Amazon

At Amazon you can now get many sets from Nanoleaf on offer and you can design the lighting in your home according to your wishes.

Of the Prime Day is over, nevertheless there is at Amazon the next highlight on offer. With the different sets of Nanoleaf you can not only customize the lighting in your home, they also work as a highlight in your room.

To the Nanoleaf offer at Amazon

Nanoleaf on sale at Amazon

at Nanoleaf are specially designed luminous surfaceswhich you can combine as you wish. There is different shapes, which you can use to create motifs or illuminate specific areas. The individual surfaces are modular, so they can also be repositioned to your heart’s content.

Even with the lighting is up to you Nanoleaf many freedoms. Of course you can choose different ones Colours or color temperatures and create moods and transitions. The products of Nanoleaf but can also open contact or Sounds react. This creates a unique ambience whether you’re listening to music, playing games or watching a movie.

at Amazon are total 10 different sets on offer. Each of these offers different forms and differs in scope. A good start is the starter kit with 15 triangles. You can try a lot with it and achieve some cool effects. at Amazon are you getting the kit for cheap €201.56what the current best price means and only just missed the historic low price. (Source:

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Get the Nanoleaf Triangle Starter Kit now for only €201.56

More sets on sale

There are also a few other sets that can be used for different purposes. Doesn’t matter, what shape you prefer and whether you already have products from Nanoleaf owns it or not, everyone will find something here.

Starter Kit:

Expansion packs:

All sets at a glance

Even more good deals

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