Mass Effect 2: Desire for a romance option with Garrus surprised the author

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The desire for a romance option for the companion Garrus surprised even the author of Mass Effect 2.

Author Drew Karpyshyn answered fans’ questions about his work in a question and answer session on Reddit.

Karpyshyn has written numerous books for Star Wars and Mass Effect and has also been responsible for the stories in video games such as Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire and Anthem.

He also wrote the first two Mass Effect games for developer BioWare.

Speaking about Mass Effect 2, he now revealed that a romantic option for the character of Garrus was not intended at all. This only happened at the request of the fans, which caught him a little by surprise.

“We always knew they would come back as companions. I was a little surprised that fans wanted the romance options. I could sort of imagine Tali… you never saw her face, so it was easy to imagine something vaguely human. (But she had those weird feet!) Garrus took me by surprise – but when we saw what the fans wanted, we decided to make it happen!”

BioWare is already working on a new installment in the series. Last appeared with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition a collection with the first three games. You can play them on your Xbox with your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription through EA Play or directly through Electronic Arts’ service.

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