Melina helps you with a boss in Elden Ring – and you really shouldn’t miss it

Melina is a really strong support.

Melina is a really strong support.

Melina is the first person who greets us when we open our eyes after our rather hopeless fight against the intro boss in Elden Ring. She becomes our companion, taking us to the Table of Mercy and throwing us important story snippets. But she can do much more than explain the intermediate country to us. In a boss fight, she is a really strong support and you should definitely not miss it.

Melina is a great support

It’s all about this: As we weave our way through Limgrave, Liurnia and the Altus Plateau, Melina is just our mysterious companion, dropping by the Grace from time to time and seeming rather quiet and reserved. We can see for ourselves that she’s really capable of fighting when we cross Leyndell, the capital. But some players have obviously missed that we can call them to our side there in a boss fight. Redditor phantominoo writes:

I’m sorry brothers and sisters, but WHAT?? I have 240 hours in game and just found out that you can summon Melina for Morgott.

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Summon Melina – how it works: The sign with which you can summon Melina for the fight is right in front of the smoke screen that separates you from the boss. Theoretically, the prerequisite for this is that you progress far enough in Melina’s quest line, but that actually happens by itself. As soon as you rest at a mercy in Leyndell, she will inform you that she is now leaving you alone. From then on it is summonable.

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Why shouldn’t you miss Melina in battle? Summoning them is truly an experience for two reasons. First of all, it’s just cool to experience the finger maiden as a fighter and to see a completely different side of her. Secondly, it is also a super powerful support. It uses faith “magic” and we’ve already told you how good faith builds can be. In addition to being a distraction, Melina deals great damage, withstands a lot, and even casts heals.

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A few players explained in the comments that they felt the same way. For example, Eliseo120 admits:

I’ve never seen it, but I haven’t played through it multiple times either.

Presumably, it was just Elden Ring newbies who overlooked the Summons because they didn’t expect them. Gensolink notes:

I wish summoning marks were a bit more visible. I actually didn’t notice them because I thought they were high-rated news.

In this video we compare Elden Ring with the Dark Souls series and ask ourselves where the much greater success comes from:

Elden Ring vs Dark Souls - Why is the new game so much more successful?


Elden Ring vs Dark Souls – Why is the new game so much more successful?

Some other gamers had no problem finding Melina’s mark. They also discuss who the best NPC Summon is. The names of Nepheli Loux and Millicent also come up. Other fans also discuss why Melina is so strong. We have taken up a theory about their origin in this news.

Have you summoned Melina for the fight, or is this part of the game still to come? What do you think of her as Summon?

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