PlayStation Plus: Extra & Premium in July: Stray, Assassin’s Creed and more

PlayStation Plus (Service) von Sony

Sony is updating the PlayStation Plus Games catalog for July. Also included: cat adventure Stray, which is celebrating its debut, as well as five Assassin’s Creed parts and more.

Although the conventional PS Plus titles for July have been known for a few days, which titles await us in the course of the Extra and Premium subscriptions, we have so far been kept secret. Now the cat is literally out of the bag and Sony offers us a whole range of exciting triple-A productions in addition to the lovable strays.

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium: July highlights

Among the special features in July, which we get from Sony with a PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium subscription, there are undoubtedly at least two other titles: The remake of Final Fantasy 7, which we download for both PS5 and PS4 and Marvel’s Avengers, which you can even play online with a team of up to four players.

The Assassin’s Creed parts already mentioned are a selection from the past few years, which even include a somewhat more recent title with Rogue Remastered from 2018. In addition, with the fourth part and its Gat out of Hell epilogue, two Saints Row games are hidden in the lineup.

All July releases in the PS Plus games catalog at a glance

Of course, in addition to the ones mentioned, Sony is also providing us with other exciting games as part of its PS Plus subscription in July. A few weeks ago we already reported which titles you get in the Essential package. Below is an overview of what was added for the Extra and Premium models as of July 19:

If you can hardly wait to let your velvet paws roam the screen, we recommend our detailed preview of Stray. In this, we’ll tell you in advance whether we fell for the charm of the furry protagonists or whether the title caused us to whimper. Last current video: June 2021

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