Pokémon Go: Legendary Pokémon don’t exist in the wild – oh, yes, they do!

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from Susan Brown
A Pokémon Go player got incredibly lucky and caught the legendary Mesprit in the wild! This is at least one of the rare confirmations that members of the lake trio can be caught in the wild. Wouldn’t that also be an incentive for other trainers if Niantic sent more Mon into the wild?

It wasn’t that long ago that we here at buffed were thinking about how great it would be if Pokemon Go players could occasionally be lucky enough to encountering a legendary Pokemon in the wild – catching is of course another matter. But just this meeting of Trainers and Legendaries would bring a bit of the feel of the main series to the game, where young Trainers go out and meet the coolest Mon in the wild.

In fact, in our review, we neglected a bit that it’s actually possible to catch Legendary Pokémon in the wild! Because members of the lake trio, consisting of Mesprit, Selfe and Tobutz, can very, very rarely spawn outside of raids and then of course be caught. However, these Pokémon are really rare. The screenshot from Pokémon Go player zeptech99 (via My MMO) which he shared on Reddit and which caused a storm of enthusiasm in the trainer community.

Mesprit caught in the wild

The picture doesn’t show much, of course, but “only” a Mesprit being fed a golden raspberry. The Poké Ball in the picture reveals that it is a wilderness spawn – if it were a Mesprit from a raid, you would see a white-red Premier Ball and not a red-white Poké Ball. Congratulations to zeptech99 on this rare find.

The fact that legendaries are rare in the wild is shown by the uproar that zeptech99 caused with its contribution, after all more than 3,000 upvotes. And that also goes to show that the concept of legendary Pokémon appearing in the wild is spot on for bringing Pokémon Go’s trainers out the door.