Resident Evil 2 Remake sales exceed magical limit

Resident Evil 2 Original

The hit Resident Evil 2 is still on course. Capcom announced today that the Sales number a magic limit has exceeded. The development studio can pat itself on the back, because the remake of the “Resident Evil” classic has over 10,000,000 times sold.

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Resident Evil 2 Remake Sales Numbers

How many times has Resident Evil 2 sold? was standing July 2022 The remake of “Resident Evil 2” has sold over ten million copies. The launch of the Next-gen versions of RE 2, RE 3 and RE 7which took place in 2022.

That fan community feedback is relatively clear. She’s not particularly surprised at the quality and the proximity to the original. The switch to the new over-the-shoulder perspective and the dense atmosphere with the most believable zombies that a “Resident Evil” game has seen to date were able to convince fans throughout the entire series.

But of course there is criticism at the game. That’s how it became Adaptation of Mr. X not well received by everyone. Some felt the hunting monster was too present, after which modders have started to create this one remove game element. Others, on the other hand, made a joke out of the Predator and quickly gave it the face of Thomas the Tank Engine. Cute?

But for Capcom it is after launch before launch and therefore there is no great pause here. After the release of “Resident Evil 2” are already two more parts with the remake of Resident Evil 3 and the brand new one Resident Evil Village appeared.

And another game has already been unveiled. What follows is a full-fledged remake of Resident Evil 4the am March 24, 2022 Released for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

All that’s missing is the long-held wish that Capcom finally releases the “Dino Crisis” remake? Gladly in the style of “Resident Evil 2” remake. Or what do you mean? Feel free to write it in the comments and discuss the success of the remakes with us!

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