Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Movie): Savage! More colorful! Better? – Special

Sonic has storm free: F

The first film Sonic the Hedgehog from 2020 was a resounding success: it easily earned its production budget of almost 100 million US dollars, and the worldwide box office already totaled over 300 million dollars. So it’s no wonder that the sequel, which was already teased in the finale, quickly became reality. Part 2 – only real with a foxtail in the logo – was released to cinema-goers at the end of March 2022, equipped with a similarly high budget as part 1, the success was even greater this time: The Paramount Pictures strip has already grossed over 400 million US One dollar – the first news reports quickly spoke of the “most successful video game adaptation of all time”. According to the pros at BoxOfficeMojo However, this is not the case: at the end of June, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was just about to dislodge the Uncharted film from fourth place, ahead of Warcraft, Pokémon: Master Detective Pikachu and Rampage; however, all of these titles are in a similar range, with box-office earnings of between 400 and 450 million US dollars.

Sonic has no storm: can’t the hedgehog teenager think of anything better than a movie night with a dog?

The new film has been available for digital purchase since the beginning of June, and recently it can also be rented online from countless VoD providers. However, Igel fans will have to wait until the home cinema release on Blu-ray and DVD. You won’t be able to put the strip on your shelves until August 11th. We watched the film for you – and reveal (almost spoiler-free, of course) whether it’s worth investing almost two hours of lifetime plus the digital rental fee.

Three heroes are two more

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has made no secret of the fact that Sonic’s video game buddies Tails (a yellow, flying fuchts with two tails) and Knuckles (a red, muscular echidna) will be joining the big screen this time. Otherwise, the successful team of the debut is at the start: the only 44-year-old American Jeff Fowler is in the director’s chair again, we see James Marsden and Tika Sumpter in the leading roles as Sonic’s “foster parents” and of course the inimitable Jim Carrey as the villain Dr. Ivo Robotnik. His physique still doesn’t quite match his video game counterpart, but his mad eyes and stately mustache make him an excellent choice for this prototype mad scientist. In the film, he is looking for the power of the legendary Chaos Emeralds, although this time, too, what is on his to-do list apart from “absolute world domination thanks to giant robots” is not worked out very well. Very cute is the first mini-chapter with a visibly contrite Robotnik on a distant mushroom planet – you will know what is meant when you see the scene.

Sonic is fast but can't fly: How handy that Tails and his red biplane Tornado are in the second film.

Sonic is fast but can’t fly: How handy that Tails and his red biplane Tornado are in the second film.

At the beginning of the film, Sonic himself lives a safe and happy childhood life in the small town of Green Hills – we look over his shoulder at foam parties with the family’s golden retriever and nightly missions as an alleged superhero. YouTube star Julien Bam once again lends his voice to the alien hedgehog and does a decent job. But Oliver Stritzel is better than the ruffian Knuckles: Stritzel is known as the German voice actor for Josh Brolin or Philip Seymour Hoffman – his dark, grumpy Knuckles reminded us of the German Optimus Prime in places. After this sympathetic gallop, which strengthens the bond between the film hero and the viewer, the sometimes funny, sometimes silly plot picks up speed: During a wedding in the circle of Sonic’s foster parents, a catastrophe occurs – it becomes spectacular when characters (and avalanches) are smashed by Sonics Ring portals roar, but also a bit strange when the two sisters mutate into temporary agents with the help of Tail’s gadget backpack.

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Family film with a love for video games

Jim Carrey again gives the Dr.  Eggman - a found food f

Jim Carrey again gives the Dr. Eggman – a real treat for the Hollywood star.

Of course, we won’t tell you on which occasions and with what intention the yellow and red sidekick intervene – but be sure that both get enough screen presence. Above all, Knuckles, who is rarely the focus of the games, is extensively characterized and steps out of line in several action scenes. In general, the film is quite a turbulent affair: There are explosions and chases, extreme sports and extremely large combat robots, boss fights and brawls. All of this looks a bit fancier than in the predecessor, especially the computer-animated heroes themselves are really well done. In general, the CGI effects are on a high level, but they certainly can’t keep up with the current productions from Marvel or the Transformers strips.

Like its predecessor, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a prank for the whole family. The older semester will certainly find some scenes too stupid and silly, even a few gag allusions to the current media landscape don’t really want to ignite. On the other hand, you’re happy about tongue-in-cheek video game references like the name of Robotnik’s headquarters, when Sonic exhales an air bubble underwater or the use of Pantera’s brutal guitar riff from the song “Walk”. And the credits are again a dream for retro gamers.