The DioField Chronicle: Demo Coming, Presale Started! – Preorder Guide

On March 10, 2022 has Square Enix announced its latest strategy RPG, The DioField Chronicle. The players expect a epic story With tactical battles in real time. The presale has now officially started and we’ll tell you where you can purchase the game.

The Dio Field Chronicle“ stands for from now on PlayStation 5, PS 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo switch and PC (Steam) in advance.

The new Franchised by Square Enix and Lancarse Ltd can already before the publication with a free demo be tested. This is from August 10th ready. Players can experience the beginning of the game and theirs Transfer progress to full version later.

The DioField Chronicle tells of war and honor

What is The DioField Chronicle? In The DioField Chronicle, players experience a unique worldwhich combines influences from fantasy, the Middle Ages and modernity:

“The age of myth gives way to an age of great unrest… The world of men is plagued by a war that will last for many years. A group of elite mercenaries, the Blue Foxes, rise amidst the flames and chaos, and their fate and brave deeds will be sung in song for a long time to come. But in the end, the name “blue fox” will be a symbol of hope or tragedy.”that’s how Square Enix describes it.

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With “The DioField Chronicle” players get a “Real Time Tactical Battle” (RTTB). In which strategic real-time combat system they will from one dark and compelling story accompanied. The strategy RPG bears the signature of a talented and experienced teams:

Is there a preorder bonus?

Yes, as Square Enix officially confirms on the store, if you pre-order the game there will be a steel book included.

What is included in the Digital Deluxe Edition?

In the Digital deluxe edition becomes additional equipment be included. For example, the weapon “Knight’s Spear” and the accessory “Mystic Ring”. On top there is the digital soundtrack and that too digital art book from The Dio Field Chronicle.

Pre-orders will also receive in-game deployable bonus items. These include the “Rhopasto Knife” (in an exclusive color) and the “Recruit’s Circlet”.

What does the Collector’s Edition bring?

What does the Collector’s Edition include? That Collector’s Edition Set comes in a special Collector’s Edition Box to your home. This includes the standard edition of the game that board game “The DioField Chronicle” and a Set of four pins.

The DioField Chronicle Collector's Edition
This is what the Collector’s Edition looks like! © Square Enix/PlayCentral overlay

Important for the preorder: You can put the box in limited quantity and exclusively in Square Enix store preorder.