These 31 new emojis could be coming to iOS and Android soon


Just in time for World Emoji Day on July 17th, Emojipedia has unveiled a selection of 31 new emojis and variations for Unicode 15.0. Among the new candidates for the next update are, for example, a shaking face, more hearts, animals, plants and musical instruments. The new emojis could be released for iOS and Android later this year.

As Emojipedia reported, the 31 emojis are only a selection. Which emojis will ultimately be included in Unicode 15.0 will be decided this September by the Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization that further develops the Unicode standard.

These are the emoji suggestions for Unicode 15.0

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The new emojis for Unicode 15.0 could look something like this.

Image: © Emojipedia 2022

How exactly the selected emojis will look like in their final Unicode version is not yet clear. As usual, the emojis will differ slightly in design on the different operating systems. A sample Emojipedia has already prepared the possible appearance of the emojis. The names of the 31 possible new emojis are as follows:

  • shaking face
  • light blue heart
  • gray heart
  • pink heart
  • Hand pushing right (+skin tone variations)
  • Hand pushing left (+skin tone variations)
  • Moose
  • donkey
  • wing
  • goose
  • jellyfish
  • Ginger
  • hyacinth
  • pea pod
  • hand fan
  • Hair Pick
  • rattle
  • flute
  • Khanda
  • bird (variation: black)

When will the new emojis appear?

The exact release date of the new emojis has not yet been determined. However, after the Unicode Consortium decided on the final selection in September, the emojis should be integrated into Unicode 15.0 quite quickly. It could be a while before Apple, Google, Meta and other companies integrate the adapted versions of the emojis into their operating systems and messengers. We expect the new emojis to appear in late 2022 or early 2023 at the earliest.


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