This ASMR cooking game has great/horrible sounds

This ASMR cooking game has great/horrible sounds

If tappy trickling whispery noises tickle your neck in a pleasant way, keep your ears open for ASMR Food Experience. Announced today by publishers PlayWay, the upcoming video game will attempt to use restaurant and cooking noises to provoke that ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’ which has become a YouTube phenomenom. To some, it’s a delightful tingle on the neck. To others, it’s nothing, just weird noises. To me, it feels like spiders crawling beneath my skin and I hate it. Watch the trailer to find out which camp you’re in!

ASMR is an effect where certain types of noises trip something weird in some people’s bodies, creating a pleasant tingly sensation running down the scalp and neck. It’s a huge genre on YouTube. To other people, it might do nothing (though many still find the intimate scenarios of ASMR videos pleasant). Me, sadly I do get the tingle and I do not find it remotely pleasant (as I’ve mentioned before). I like some individual noises (this trailer has some good noises!) but the barrage of an ASMR video is too much. I don’t want a whole game of them.

ASMR Food Experience will cast players as restaurant managers, a little sim which will let you decorate and such but mostly seems about enjoying the sounds of everything: cooking, cleaning, cusomers, and such. A game for headphones.

No word on when it might come out but it’s onSteam for wishlisting.

I should point out that PlayWay are widely believed to use announcements and wishlist numbers to gauge where they should focus development resources. They announce many, many games (mostly formulaic niche simulators) but only a handful ever seem a priority, with some taking years to arrive. The developers, PlayWay subsidiary Gameparic, have a dozen in-development games currently listed on Steam, ranging from Bartender Simulator to Bunker Builder Simulator. Will this be one that makes it out anytime soon? Who knows!

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While ASMR videos are aural murder to me, I do admire the creators producing detailed scenarios with wonderful costumes, sets, and props. Check out this amazing Edwardian hairdressing experience from Moonlight Cottage ASMR. It’s so impressive, and I hate how it makes me feel!

Though I did enjoy this ASMR horror game back in 2018. Ugh, I need a shower after writing this post.