WoW: The most beautiful paladin armor recreated with modern graphics

Another picture from WoW-Dragonflight-Alpha: The new look of the interface (1)

from Matthias Brueckle
As beautiful as some armor sets from the early days of WoW are, very few of this type have aged well. Nevertheless, the judgment armor set for paladins has a place in the hearts of many players. That’s why a 3D artist has now recreated the iconic look with modern graphics and polygon count.

Although we’re playing WoW, a 17-year-old game, Blizzard’s MMORPG has made significant visual progress since its release. If you think the graphics in Shadowlands are outdated, you should go back to WoW Classic and look around there. Or just look at a Tier 2 set without rose-colored glasses. These could really use a facelift, especially the Judgment outfit for Paladins. It was a long-time community favorite and remains one of the all-time favorites of many adventurers. To honor this iconic set, 3D artist Sean Ferretti has now recreated the Judgment set in new glory with higher poly count and physically based rendering.