You can now play Doom within Doom

You can now play Doom within Doom

You can now play Doom on pretty much any device. Which doesn’t stop anyone from porting the game to all newly released devices in the future, if at all possible.

But now you can also experience the full Doomception and play Doom within Doom itself. Mind blowing!

With a few technical tricks

All of this is the work of YouTuber and coder Kgsws. Kgsws was looking for a way to launch executable files in Doom and ended up with the “SpawnMapThing” command, which is normally used to spawn weapons, enemies and more in the levels.

A certain part of this code could be replaced with an executable file, such as the DOS version of Doom. After Kgsws fixed a few bugs and did some tricking, it was finally possible to run Doom within Doom.

More news about Doom:

Kgsws went even further and not only showed how Doom ran within Doom, it also made it possible to disable certain options like the interface and play Doom from within Doom itself. Just wonderful.

See for yourself:

Where is the journey for Doom going in the future?

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