Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – German theatrical release known + synchro trailer

Dragon Ball Super New Project Confirmed

While Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero been in for over a month the Japanese cinemas running, German fans had to be patient. Crunchy roll confirmed Although already two months ago, the anime film too to publish in this country, but only today the company revealed the launch date. There is also a matching one the first German synchro trailer.

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Super Hero is bringing back parts of the Dragon Ball Z voice cast

“Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” will be released in local cinemas on August 30, 2022 as part of Crunchyroll Anime Nights. The anime film will appear in both the Japanese original version with German subtitles as well as with German synchronization to run.

Already at August 24, 2022 at 8 p.m. will take place in the Cinedom in Cologne the German premiere of the work. Incidentally, advance sales will start this week: From the July 22, 2022 at 10 a.m you can secure tickets for Goku and his friends’ latest big screen adventure.

In addition, Crunchyroll also confirmed the German voice cast of Super Hero, for which various well-known voices from “Dragon Ball Z” will return. These include, among other things Tomorrowstern (Son Goku), Oliver Siebeck (Vegeta) and Claudia Urbschat-Mingues (Bulma). They are of course joined by other well-known speakers:

  • Son Goku – Tommy Morgenstern (“Dragon Ball Z”)
  • Son Gohan – Robin Kahnmeyer (“Dragon Ball Z”)
  • Son Goths – Marcel Mann (“Dragon Ball Super”)
  • piccolo – Felix Spiess (“Dragon Ball Super”)
  • Videl – Maria Hoenig (“Dragon Ball Super”)
  • Pan – Shanti Chakroborty (“Dragon Ball Super”)
  • bulma – Claudia Urbschat-Mingues (“Dragon Ball Z”)
  • Vegeta – Oliver Siebeck (“Dragon Ball Z”)
  • trunks – Sebastian Kluckert (“Dragon Ball Super”)
  • Kuririn – Vanya Gerick (“Dragon Ball Z”)
  • dr hedo – Marco Esser (“Platinum End”)
  • gamma 1 – Fabian Oscar Wien (“Dragon Ball Super”)
  • gamma 2 – Patrick Keller (“Sword Art Online”)
  • magenta – Jan-David Rönfeldt (“Fire Force”)
  • Carmine – Marco Wittorf (“Black Clover”)
Of course, Son Goku can’t be missing in “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”! © BIRD STUDIO/SHUEISHA © 2022 DRAGON BALL SUPER Film Partners

Meanwhile, other voice actors confirmed for the anime film include, among others Oliver Feld as Whis and Oliver Stritzel as Beerus (both “Dragon Ball Z: Clash of the Gods”). to join Gerrit Schmidt-Foss as Broly (“Dragon Ball Super: Broly”) as well as Tobias Mueller (Gotenks in Dragon Ball Z). The following speakers have also been announced:

  • Diana Simone Borgwardt (“Dragon Ball Z”)
  • Nick Forsberg (Dragon Ball Super: Broly)
  • Stefan Gossler (“Dragon Ball Z”)
  • Nicole Hannak (Dragon Ball Super: Broly)
  • Mathias Kunze (“Dragon Ball Super”)
  • Gerald Schaale (“Dragon Ball Super: Broly”)
  • Christian Pointer (“Dragon Ball Super”)
Dragon Ball Super Super Hero theatrical release
Son-Gohan is one of the main characters of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero © BIRD STUDIO/SHUEISHA © 2022 DRAGON BALL SUPER Film Partners

the German synchronization Unlike its predecessor, “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” is not created by TV+ Synchron Berlin GmbH, but at Oxygen Sound Studio (“Demon Slayers”). Dialogue book and dubbing takes over Sabina Winterfeldt (“Dragon Ball Z Kai”).

Being the focus of the story of the second Dragon Ball Super anime film Son Gohan and his mentor Piccolo. These must deal with the resurrected Red Ribbon Army deal with. The villains have kidnapped little Pan and our hero duo wants to save her at any cost!

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Anime Movie Makers Responsible
Piccolo is the second main character in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero © BIRD STUDIO/SHUEISHA © 2022 DRAGON BALL SUPER Film Partners

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero starts on August 30, 2022 in German cinemas.


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