Eurojackpot: An unbelievable 117 million euros in the jackpot

Eurojackpot: An unbelievable 117 million euros in the jackpot

It’s not just the temperatures rising: the Eurojackpot draw next Tuesday, July 19th, offers a hitherto unique mega jackpot.

This is a lottery record for Germany, because such a high sum has never been played before.

16 big wins on Friday

In the 14th drawing of the current jackpot period last Friday, July 15, no player in one of the 18 European partner countries of the Eurojackpot lottery was able to win first place. Still, there are big winners. With the winning numbers 9, 11, 16, 19 and 32 and the two Euro numbers 3 and 5, there are four hits in the second prize category. 790,664.20 euros each go to Sweden, the Netherlands (2 x) and Poland.

Six-figure wins in third place were achieved by twelve other players. The prize money here is 148,632.60 euros. The winners come from Bavaria (2x), Berlin, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia (2x), Schleswig-Holstein, Norway, Slovenia, Finland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic.

Last jackpot win from May

The last win in the first tier of the Eurojackpot lottery was seven weeks ago. On May 27, a player from Bavaria won 16.8 million euros. A three-digit million prize has only been paid out once: On May 20, an Internet tip from North Rhine-Westphalia achieved over 110 million euros.

Chance of the jackpot

With the upcoming summery weather in the coming days, it’s worth going to the nearest lottery acceptance point. Alternatively, the tip on the mega jackpot can also be found on the Internet at be given. Who will have the correct seven numbers in the game formula 5aus50 and 2aus12 on their ticket? The chance of winning first place is 1:140 million.

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Participation in the game is possible until Tuesday evening, 7 p.m. The acceptance deadline may vary depending on the federal state.

Participation from 18 years. Gambling can be addictive! Help and advice at

BZgA: 0800 1372700 (free of charge). State-licensed gaming provider (white list according to Section 9 (8) GlüStV). Jackpot chance 1: 140 million