Fifa 23 release date surfaced – New leak provides information for September

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FIFA 23 now has a release date, new leaks reveal that. You should still be able to play EA’s soccer game in September, some even before everyone else. Here is all the information about the editions.

Vancouver, Canada – EA releases a new FIFA installment every year. The fans are eagerly awaiting the official release date of FIFA 23, which has to come any day. Leaks were faster now and reveal two specific days when you can kick off – here is all the information for the last FIFA on PS5 and Xbox Series X, which is scheduled to appear in September 2022.

name of the game FIFA 23
Release (date of first publication) September
Publishers Electronic Arts
series FIFA
platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia (unconfirmed)
developer EA Sports
genre football simulation

FIFA 23: Coming in September 2022 – When is release through EA Play Early Access?

Is the release date known? The fact that Fifa 23 will be released in 2022 is an (incontrovertible) fact. Millions of fans are just wondering when the time will finally come. New leaks are now revealing the release date: the virtual ball should be spinning again at the end of September. But not everyone can start kicking on the same day.

It’s about this leak: Today, July 18, a tweet is causing a stir about Fifa 23, because leakers are announcing September 30, 2022 as the release date. This means that the insiders EA, who have not yet officially commented, come first. But on Twitter we also find September 27, 2022 as an earlier date – but only with the paid EA PLAY Early Access. Check out the leak on Twitter for FIFA 23 here:

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Please note, however, that all finds from data miners and the like must not be understood as official news. The proverbial portion of skepticism is therefore appropriate with leaks – even if we only refer to trustworthy sources.

FIFA 23 cover: Kylian Mbappé or Erling Haaland? Fans split over who deserved it © EA Sports

If the leak is right, as the owner of the normal “FIFA 23” edition you can only start on September 30th on all platforms. On PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Xbox, you can kick the game 3 days early with early access through EA Play. If you want to get started earlier on the PC, you need the more expensive “Pro Ultimate Edition” with EA PLAY Early Access. On the same day, you can also start FIFA 23 on September 27, 2022, regardless of platform, if you buy the Ultimate Edition.

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Incidentally, FIFA 23 will be the last FIFA game from EA. The reason is an expiring license with the football association of the same name, which operates worldwide. After all, the agreement between EA and FIFA ran for almost 30 years – in 1993 the first FIFA with the nickname International Soccer appeared. But don’t worry, the publisher will then release the “new” franchise EA Sports FC as a football video game in 2023.

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