Fortnite leaker reveals which Dragon Ball skins await us in the next crossover

Son Goku is ready for his appearance in Fortnite.

Son Goku is ready for his appearance in Fortnite.

The Dragon Ball universe is following in Naruto’s footsteps, at least as far as the next Fortnite crossover is concerned. A leak already indicated that Epic’s shooter will soon start the next collaboration with Son Goku, Vegeta and Co. A well-known Fortnite insider now reveals some details about the event and which new skins we can expect.

Son Goku jets into Fortnite with his Kamehameha

On the Twitter account, Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR reveals what new features for Fortnite we can look forward to. Among other things, fans can expect four new skins, three of which are already known characters. So we can look to the following skins be happy:

The fourth skin should be 99 percent female character be, but ShiinaBR doesn’t know exactly which one. But it is more than likely that the fourth character will also come from the DBZ universe.

What else is coming? There will also be a unique event screen in the lobby, tons of new quests and free rewards. There’s also a new capsule item, a special area codenamed Preheat, and an Attack Ball glider.

Do you know Son Goku’s famous Kamehameha? This attack should also make it into the game in some form. But how exactly, he can Fortnite leaker not say.

The latest trailer for Season 3 can be found here:

Fortnite – Season 3 trailer gets you in the mood


Fortnite – Season 3 trailer gets you in the mood

Is it a reliable source? ShiinaBR is known as a reliable source for Fortnite leaks. Also our colleagues from GameStar and MyMMO have already been able to report in advance through leaks from insiders.

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This is in Season 3

The third season of Chapter 3 is currently running in Fortnite. The map has changed a bit and, thanks to the reality tree, is now filled with new life in the form of purple trees and jumping mushrooms. There are also now Reality Seeds that can be implanted to generate more loot. Everything else you need to know about the third season can be found in our GamePro article.

Which other DBZ character would you like to collaborate with Fortnite?