GTA 6: Rumors about Codename Fireball

GTA 6: Rumors about Codename Fireball

from Michael Miskulin
There are new rumors that may have revealed the Grand Theft Auto 6 codename. For example, a voice actress’ CV recently listed the entry “Fireball Video Game” by Rockstar Games.

The rumor mill about Grand Theft Auto 6 is bubbling again. This time it’s about the codename the game was given during development within Rockstar Games. The Reddit user u/morsmutual_ recently noticed that several voice actors of the future gangster epic had already noted the code name in their CVs.

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Voice actress probably reveals codename for GTA 6

The voice actress Natonia Monet mentioned a project called “Fireball Video Game” by Rockstar Games in her resume. Her role was Tamara. The interesting thing about this info snippet is the fact that Grand Theft Auto 4’s codename was “Ice”. So are the Rockstar developers staying true to themselves in their own way? By the way, the codename for GTA V was “Rush” – so it’s a bit out of line. There were probably rumors earlier that the code name for GTA 6should be called “Americas”. But it could also be a reference to the music artist Pitbull, who hails from Miami and wrote the song in 2014 “fire ball” published? According to other rumors, GTA 6 is supposed to play in the GTA equivalent of Miami. In addition, the song could also fit the first big GTA 6 trailer.

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The entry on Natonia Monet’s resume has since been removed, according to another perceptive Reddit user u/fainas1337 discovered. The voice actors Guy A Fort and Jorge Consejo also stated that they had already been engaged for GTA 6 in the past. Incidentally, their CVs are also said to have been adjusted in such a way that the GTA 6 entries were removed again.

Source: Reddit