House Party: You can now play a woman in comedy sex game

House Party: You can now play a woman in comedy sex game

The comedy-sex-adventure House Party originally released in Early Access on Steam in 2017. After it disappeared there again for a short time, the developers released a slightly less explicit version, with an “explicit content” DLC available for optional download. After a little over four years in Early Access, the title has now reached version 1.0, and is thus celebrating its official “real” release.

House Party now lets you play as a woman

Probably the most important new feature of the 1.0 release is the possibility to play the game as a woman. “While most of her story will seem familiar to you, the female protagonist has some story variations of her own: you’ll be invited to the party by a different beast, partygoers will react differently to you, you’ll hear new background conversations, there will be new possibilities to befriend familiar partygoers, and there are brand new love scenes for the player!” writes Developer Eek! Games.

That’s not all the future holds for House Party, however. For example, a future DLC will add Doja Cat as a partygoer. In the past, the title has garnered internet personalities like LetyDoesStuff and the Game Grumps, all of whom voice their characters themselves. Eek! Games further explains:

“Just because we’re getting out of Early Access doesn’t mean we’re going to stop working on the game. We believe the game is ready enough to no longer be considered Early Access, but translation updates will continue to be made in the next few Being released in two weeks, and we have more cutscenes, easter eggs, and polish in the pipeline.”

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