play Podcast #291: GOD OF MOTHERF***ING WAR!!!

play Podcast #291: GOD OF MOTHERF***ING WAR!!!

After a week’s delay, it’s finally here, the play podcast #291. We apologize for the delay and to make up for it, we’re bringing you a special episode fully dedicated to a topic you’ve requested many times: God of War. Sascha and Chris talk about what characterizes the action series, comment on the series’ degree of violence, which was hotly debated at the time, talk about the story and also go into anti-hero Kratos, who at least divided opinions at the beginning of the series. In addition, of course, the realignment of 2018 is also an issue. This is how our two brave podcasters discuss whether it was really necessary to turn God of War around like this. At the end of the episode, the two also venture into spoiler territory and look ahead to God of War: Ragnarök, which is scheduled for release on November 9, 2022. Please let us know if you like such themed podcasts and which game series you think deserves a special podcast like this.

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The topics of issue 291:
00:00:00 – Intro, Welcome
00:04:50 – Ancient Greece
01:02:56 – Restart in the north

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