Pokémon Go: Get Camaub from Tier 1 Raids – Now!

Pokémon Go: Get Camaub from Tier 1 Raids - Now!

The Pokémon that you pull from the Tier 1 raids in Pokémon Go are usually not worth mentioning. Nice to look at, yes, shiny with a chance, but otherwise not particularly spectacular. That’s changing with Pokemon like Camaub, though, and you’ll find that in Tier 1 Raids as of mid-July 2022.

Because if we think about the mega developments, then it quickly becomes clear: the development of Camaub, namely Camerupt, could get its mega development in the game in the not too distant future. With this, Mega Camerupt could become a crucial fire and ground type attacker that you want in your collection.

Why worry about Camaub now?

Of course, meta players in Pokemon Go are always chasing the best Pokemon – the ones with the perfect IV values. This meant that all of a Pokemon’s stats are at a full 100%, so the pocket monsters are made for fighting and defense in every respect.

Camaub is also a very easy opponent, and as a result is quickly defeated and captured. Of course, you’ll still need to fight Mega Camerupt for the Mega Energy at some point, but as we know, sometimes raid lobbies are completely empty and it’s a lot easier to do the Tier 1 raid with Camaub for a perfect Pokemon to use. On top of that, you also have a chance at a dazzling camaub!

Camaub as a raid boss

Tier 1 raids in Pokémon Go are hardly a challenge unless you’re new to the game. Camaub can be defeated even with Pokemon that have no effective attacks and only deal normal damage to the raid boss. The fiery little pocket monster has just 3,182 CP to beat down, and its attacks are boosted in sun or clear skies. We assume that every trainer can pull off this raid! Now get out there and get a Perfect Camaub to evolve into Mega Camerupt in the future!

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