Resident Evil: New Netflix series falls through with the fans

Resident Evil: New Netflix series falls through with the fans

The streaming giant spoiled by success Netflix must with his new series resident Evil experience a major setback. Despite a prominent cast with Lance Reddick (“The Wire”, “John Wick”) as Albert Weskerthe first falls Viewers’ verdict rather disappointing from how the first reviews at Rotten Tomatoes demonstrate.

Netflix has come up with a new horror series Resident Evil retaken from Capcom’s hit video game series of the same name. After a cinema film met with rather mixed interest from viewers, an animated Netflix series recently followed Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness at the streaming provider last year with similarly disappointing reviews.

The new “Resident Evil” series is much darker and more brutal and shows for the first time the origins of the zombie outbreak in New Racoon City – with Albert Wesker, well-known from the games, who developed the T-Virus as a power-hungry scientist at the Umbrella Corporation.

Resident Evil: The fans punish the creators of the Netflix series

At the US rating portal Rotten Tomatoes received the new horror series from the critics even more benevolent 51 percent positive reviewswhich in itself is not really exciting but at least acceptable.

The audience and the fans, on the other hand, have a completely different opinion: Just once 25 percent user score records the series shortly after its launch on July 14 with the first season and 8 episodes. With 1,172 user opinions so far, the series falls through completely with two-thirds of the fans.

One of indieWire’s well-known critics, Ben Travers, puts it succinctly:

“For most of the eight-episode first season, Resident Evil is a mishmash of ambitions that will likely satisfy very few fans of the franchise – whether they like the video games, movies, or both!”’s Brian Tallerico adds: “Think of this as another failed Umbrella experiment.”

A fan concludes: “They turned RE into a cheesy teeny bopper show. Enough said!”

The IMDb looks similarly bad: This is where the new “Resident Evil” series comes in at just under 12,479 submitted reviews on catastrophic 3.6 out of 10 rating points.

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For comparison: The animated Netflix series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness comes with a tomatometer still on 50 percent of the critics and 39 percent user score. The last movie Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City still has a 5.2/10 on IMDb and a tomatometer of 30 percent on the critics and 65 percent user score.

Resident Evil Series Story Details: What’s It About?

The plot of the series tells a completely new story with new characters: The story begins with the two of them 14-year-old sisters Jade and Billie Wesker who move to New Raccoon City, a planned city built out of the ground. Over time, they realize that this city is more than meets the eye and their father hides dark secrets that could destroy the world.

With a time leap of about ten years later, the second narrative level begins in the future: after a global catastrophe triggered by a mysterious T-virus only 15 million people left on earth. Those infected by the virus are either dead or among the six billion monsters, which pose a mortal threat to the few survivors. Now an adult, Jade struggles to survive in this new world, while secrets from her past continue to haunt her, including through her sister, her father (Albert Wesker) and herself…

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