The PCGH Discord Server: The 4th birthday with gifts is coming up

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The PCGH Discord was founded in mid-2018 and has since been successfully managed and maintained by volunteer community members. A special anniversary is coming up.

What is the PCGH Discord?

Meanwhile, over 6500 people have gathered on the PCGH Discord. To imagine the number, you could field around 590 soccer teams, fill over 160 tour buses or just have nice conversations on a discord server; and the latter is particularly popular. Up to 5000 messages are exchanged on the server every day, whether they are nice conversations about everyday life, discussions about new releases and changes in the hardware market, or help is needed. It’s all at home on the PCGH Discord.

A very well-established team of volunteer experts and moderators works with the help of the community to eliminate even the smallest problem. We attach great importance to treating each other in a friendly and respectful manner.

New videos or articles from the PCGH editorial team? Here, too, you will be conveniently informed via a feed so that you no longer miss any news. The whole thing is supplemented with a community feed, in which the members themselves can post interesting offers and news, as well as a showroom for the builds and snapshots.

How is it celebrated?

Here we let the volunteer organizers have their say: “First of all, many, many thanks to the entire community for the last

jade gaming

Source: PCGH Discord

four years! Thanks to the great feedback and participation in last year’s stream, we’ve decided to celebrate our birthday again this year with streams on July 22nd and 23rd! But unlike last year, when you could watch our team of moderators, for example, at Uno, how they passed each other the “+4 cards” with a spiteful laugh, this year the entire team will gather on Twitch and we can promise you one thing , it will be entertaining!

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If you’ve always wanted to see how quickly you can assemble a PC or how to build a custom keyboard and have questions, you’re more than welcome. But the laughing muscles shouldn’t be spared either! In a variety of games, whether together in a team or each for himself against the others, parts of the team will introduce themselves and celebrate the birthday together with you.

But of course you shouldn’t just watch, you should be part of our celebration, you can compete against the volunteer team in various games and of course there will also be one or two gifts for you that will make even the team jealous. More information is available on the PCGH Discord in the #events channel or simply drop by on July 22, 2022 from 6:00 p.m. and July 23, 2022 and celebrate with us. We would be very happy about a lively participation! Not on the PCGH Discord yet? No problem under we are very easy to reach”.