TikTok streamer goes viral with super elaborate truck simulator setup

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from Sebastian Glanzer
Delivering goods with the truck in a relaxed manner after work in the evening – sounds like more work, but is pure relaxation for fans of simulator games. This also requires the right setup, including the steering wheel. Streamer ricotrucker1 shows how to perfect the replica of a truck.

Simulation games are arguably the most underrated genre in gaming. According to stats Simulators such as Farming Simulator or Truck Simulator are the Germans’ favorite genre after strategy, action and adventure games. If you want the most realistic gaming experience in the first-person view, you can buy a steering wheel to match the game, perhaps pedals or other accessories.

The user went to TikTok Rico trucker went viral with his elaborate gaming setup for American Truck Simulator. On his TikTok channel, he collected millions of views in a short time with his crass replica of a trucker cabin. His setup is so true to the original that some wondered why he didn’t become a real trucker straight away.

Truck simulator fans will be jealous at this sight

There is something relaxing about driving simulators for many. And with four screens (two for the front and two for the side windows), matching steering wheel, pedals, second seat, gear stick, trucker microphone, dashboard and massive engine noise, driving in the truck becomes a real experience.

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