Wordle is going analog – Spotify wants a piece of the pie, too

While nowadays as good as everything is digitized, the toy manufacturer Hasbro comes around the corner with a surprise. That should be from October hyped online game Wordle lying on the gaming table at home. Also Spotify seems to have the potential recognizable and comes around the corner with a variant for music enthusiasts.

Before all enthusiastic friends of the classic board game fall into never-ending waves of euphoria, it should be mentioned that the analogue “Wordle” first only in the United States will appear. Hasbro wants the board game jointly with the New York Times under the name of Wordle: The Party Game release.

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Wordle makes single player social

While the digital version of “Wordle” is classified as a pure solo game, the analog version to multiple game ends.

Nothing has changed in the simple gameplay: you still have to guess a five-letter word. The modified parlor game needs a game masterwho thinks up a word. All other players are allowed to speak within six rounds guess. The following applies: the fewer rounds you need to solve the problem, the better. Especially social people can also prove in the team.

Hasbro Wordle

Wordle for Spotify: I hear something you don’t see

Also the Audio streaming service Spotify would like to benefit from the hype and announced it a few days ago Purchase of Heardle. In the version of the game tailored for pieces of music, players must within the first few seconds guess a song. Sounds like a pretty entertaining number.

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Well, who doesn’t look forward to a round of “Heardle”? Anyone who was already disappointed that “Wordle: The Party Game” will initially only be available for the US market must now be particularly strong. Also the music version of the game is not in Germany at the moment available. This problem appears to be due to the acquisition of the Games based on Soundcloud to lie and will hopefully be fixed in the near future.

We are more than excited to see if and when both “Wordle: The Party Game” and Spotify’s “Heardle” will be available German market available will be. Until then, all friends of the jumping letters must use the prefer online play and hope that they will soon be able to play with the analog board game participate in social gamer life be able.