WoW: Dragonflight: Raid trinkets and their effects – a first look

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from Philip Sattler
Of course, there will also be another raid in the upcoming WoW expansion Dragonflight, in which a lot of loot awaits you. Including the raid trinkets. These jewels traditionally have extremely powerful effects, which we want to look at in detail.

While dungeons in WoW have long been a solid source of high-tier gear items thanks to the Mythic Plus system, there are still two things where raid loot reigns supreme. In addition to the animal sets, which will also be available again in the upcoming Dragonflight expansion, these are the gems. Of course there are also good trinkets in the dungeons, but mostly the BiS trinkets come from the current raid.

Because these trinkets not only offer good values, but mostly also a strong effect. In addition, the developers often use the jewel effects to show in which direction they think the game should develop. In patch 9.2, the right group composition and burst damage played a major role. We take a look at the trinkets that come with WoW: Dragon Flight come into play and what effects await us there.