Zelda BotW: New Mega Glitch breaks almost every rule of the game

You can now spend time within cutscenes in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

You can now spend time within cutscenes in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Zelda Breath of the Wild just doesn’t stop surprising us with new crazy discoveries. This time, five years after the release, a new glitch has been discovered, which is currently causing a lot of excitement and excitement among the fans. This is because it opens up completely new possibilities. For example, you can generate lots of items, bring previously unobtainable functions and things into play that Nintendo apparently planned at some point but never released.

Zelda BotW: This is how the new trick works and what it brings

This is IS: The new mega glitch in Zelda BotW is the so-called Inventory Slot Transfer (IST). It was first discovered by zxrobin and has been taking the Zelda BotW community by storm ever since. This is mainly because it really opens up a lot of new possibilities.

  • Duplicate items: Not entirely new, but the first best way to use the glitch is as follows: you can craft an almost infinite number of items with IST. Anyone who wants to have thousands upon thousands of fairies and thus make themselves practically invincible can do so now. Of course, you can also copy an infinite amount of food or medicine to give you a lot of stamina and the like.
  • Use hidden features: It gets much more complicated when we want to unlock the previously unreleased items and opportunities. But we can then fire ten shots at once with a bow or finally plaster ice cream as a link. In addition, properties of items can be transferred to other items.
  • Load into cutscenes: Perhaps the coolest possibility that the new Glicht opens up is that we can load into a cutscene. So we see Hyrule completely peaceful after defeating Ganon, with blue turrets on the castle, without the corruption and devastation of Ganon.
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How it works: It is a bit complicated. You need some items for the IST glitch, such as electric arrows, and then you need to activate the menu overload glitch. You then trick the game into thinking you’ve put away items that were previously sold to refill your slots when you reload. So they are doubled. That sounds difficult and it’s not that easy either, but here you will find a good explanation and instructions on the basics:

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But beware! You should only try the whole thing if you have a fresh save. Or at least not in the save you don’t want to lose. It’s quite easy to accidentally duplicate items that are then very difficult to remove but not use.

How do you find the trick? Have you already tried something like this yourself?