After Cyberpunk: CD Projekt share price falls by more than 75%

After Cyberpunk: CD Projekt share price falls by more than 75%

Before the Launch debacle From Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red was not only a popular studio with many fans, standing for quality and reliability with The Witcher 3, but also a stable player in the business world. Things are different now: the shares of CD Projekt Red has been falling for quite a while, having already fallen 54% last December.

As Business Insider Poland reported, the shares of the Polish developer studio are now up a new low: The value of the share has increased by a whole 75% since the publication of Problemkind Cyberpunk 2077 favor. It only helps to a limited extent that the studio got away with a relatively small sentence in court.

Shares flying low: what about the future of CD Projekt Red?

According to Business Insider Poland, CD Projekt’s market capital had halved just a few months after the release of Cyberpunk and had fallen by another 50% by March 2022. The estimated market value of the studio was still 40 billion Polish złoty (8.4 billion euros) at the end of 2020 and is standing currently at less than 10 billion złoty (2.1 billion euros).

Next to the massive public image damage after the disastrous release of Cyberpunk, the change of many of the studio’s developers to the competition may also have contributed to this. One followed great developer hikeabout which we have all the important information for you in our special article about CD Projekt Red.