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Study by the University of Coburg

Is the office of the future a virtual one? A study by the Coburg University examined the effects of a virtual office. The conclusion: An “inferior experience”.


Man and woman using VR headset at an office desk
Will we all be working virtually in the office soon? The study makes that seem unlikely.
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Researchers at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences examined how a virtual office affects people with desk jobs. “golem” reported on the long-term study entitled “Quantifying the Effects of Working in VR for One Week.” 16 participants were accompanied for a week in their office work, which was completely switched to VR headsets.

The study comes to the conclusion that the VR office offers an “inferior experience compared to the real world”. Symptoms of simulator sickness, in which nausea occurs when movement is simulated, were the most severe. Two participants stopped the experiment on the first day because of migraines, nausea and anxiety reactions.

However, the researchers also make it clear that the negative reactions of some participants decreased over the course of the experiment. In addition, the study was not equipped with the best possible headsets to create a more realistic working situation. Models of the Oculus Quest 2 from Meta (formerly Facebook) were used.

The researchers see the study as an important basis for further research into work in virtual reality. This could then also lead to a more effective and pleasant use of VR in the workplace. Then: “While VR continues to be touted as new, exciting possibilities for modern knowledge work, the potential benefits of virtual work environments can only be realized in practice if it is possible to work in a virtual environment for an extended period of time.”


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