Diablo Immortal: New update fixes 3 of the biggest criticisms of the game – patch notes

Diablo Immortal: New update fixes 3 of the biggest criticisms of the game – patch notes

Blizzard has quite spontaneously released patch notes for a new update for Diablo Immoral. Spontaneously because the patch will be installed at 3:00 a.m. on July 20th. And the update also has all sorts of important changes in its luggage.

What are these changes? With the update of July 20, 2022, at least 3 of the biggest criticisms that currently prevail in the community will be resolved:

  • The long-awaited class change is coming and the cooldown is known: every 7 days you will be able to change class with characters from level 35 absolutely free.
  • Extinguishing Sparks weekly limit increased from 200 to 280. Also, you can exchange 22 Fa Runes for an Eternal Legendary Emblem instead of just crafting a stone with them. Gems from “eternal” emblems can be sold on the marketplace.
  • Another eternal legendary emblem is available from Jondo Mouren for 1,600 platinum for completing a troop loot each week.

Especially the last 2 points have been the big criticism of the game since the release of Diablo Immortal. Because they hinder Free2Play players from getting the coveted legendary gems for free.

With the changes, the acquisition is still limited, but significantly less than before. Starting Wednesday, you’ll have a better chance of getting powerful legendary gems and leveling them up even if you don’t pay real money.

How the legendary gems work and where you get them from, we tell you in the video:

Diablo Immortal: What are Legendary Gems? Facts and locations in 3 minutes

When changing classes, there are some special features. You have a one-time chance to switch back to your old class if you don’t like the new one – regardless of the cooldown. Changes outside of this time should not be possible otherwise, not even for money.

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When is the update coming? On July 20th, in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the update will be applied at 3:00 am server time. The update comes just 2 weeks after Diablo Immortal’s disappointing 1st content update.

However, the maintenance will take place at 10:00 a.m. on July 20, according to the in-game notification. There may be an error here – we will keep you posted.

We can’t tell you the download size yet, but there’s probably a lot to download. Because compared to the 1st update, the new patch really packs a punch.

Patch Notes: Class Changes, Legendary Emblems, and 63 New Legendaries

This is still in the update: In addition to the changes, the update brings many new features:

  • Also running until August 3 at 3:00 server time is the Adventurer’s Path event with several tasks:
    • After completing 8 tasks, you will receive 10 Apprentice Keys
    • after 16 tasks there is the “Adventurer’s Laurels” portrait frame
    • for 20 tasks even a legendary emblem beckons
  • In the Reliquary of Hell you will find a new raid boss on August 2nd: Gorgothra the Rafferin, who uses poison attacks.
  • The Starving Moon returns from April 29-31. July back. When the event first took place, players weren’t very enthusiastic.
  • A new cosmetic set is available for purchase in the shop: the Amber Blades.
  • 2 new monster affixes are added
    • Shell: Protects the monster’s life points until a shield is destroyed
    • Siphon: Slows a target for 5 seconds and leeches life, healing the monster
  • The legendary gems Bloodsoaked Jade and Zwenson’s Haunting will be adjusted.
  • 36 new legendary items come into play – 6 for each class. You can find the list of Legendaries in the official patch notes from Blizzard.
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The Legendarys should shake up the tier list with the best classes. You can find gameplay for all classes in the video:

Diablo Immortal: All 6 classes at a glance with gameplay

Also coming into play is the Hero’s Path, new content for high-level players. The Hero’s Path is unlocked during the main quest in Frozen Tundra and is designed to provide you with quests that become more difficult as the Paragon levels up.

More details are not known, but the corresponding screenshot shows tasks such as: “Create 4 parts of the same set”. Rewards are things like keys, platinum, cosmetics, and legendary emblems. We don’t know yet whether the route is free.

What has not yet been revealed is the new class, which fans have already found in the game data:

Season 2 of Diablo Immortal starts poorly – but a new class is probably already on the way