Fan presents cult MMORPG RuneScape in Unreal Engine 5

Fan presents cult MMORPG RuneScape in Unreal Engine 5

RuneScape is not only a true classic, but also a veteran when it comes to MMORPGs goes: The title, which is set in the fantasy middle ages, entered the stage as early as 2001 and has since conquered the hearts of players all over the world. And although the developer studio responsible, Jagex, hasn’t made itself quite as popular lately with microtransactions and initial mod refusal, it owns RuneScape still numerous fans.

These include the YouTuber and Artist Zantwho will create the Legend’s Guild from RuneScape in about eight months and entirely in his spare time (buy now ) has copied – in the Unreal Engine 5. The result is a modernized nostalgia outing for RuneScape fans young and old, who will surely enjoy the video on YouTube with a warm feeling in their chests.

RuneScape at its best: The MMORPG in the Unreal Engine 5

If you’ve been actively playing RuneScape or are still playing, then the one shown in the video is yours Legend’s Guild sure a term. If you want to enter the legendary building, you have to complete the famous Legend’s Quest in the MMORPG, only then will you get access from the Guild leader Radimus Erkle. The little castle is already a pixelated dream in the game, but it definitely shines in new splendor in the video embedded below.

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As Zant reveals in the video description, there is a lot of heart and soul in this project that stems from his love for the game: “I’ve been a passionate RuneScape player since I was 12 and recreating this iconic location in UE5 has been an amazing experience!” He also thanks the RuneScape Bits and Bytes fansitewho helped him with his work.

That Project was created on the one hand out of passion, on the other hand there is the noble thought behind it, to thank the community of the game and the fan page with this gift. Even if Zant is modest in the description, there is a lot of work in the project, the (technical) details of which he also goes into a bit there: