Final Fantasy 14: The Mog Mog Collection Returns!

Final Fantasy 14: It's almost time for the Mog Mog collection again (1)

from Stefan Brunk
On July 25, 2022 in Final Fantasy 14 it’s time for a new Mog Mog collection once again. You have another opportunity to collect the rare Allagan stones and exchange them for great prizes.

The Mog Mog collection has become something of a tradition in Final Fantasy 14 and serves to sweeten the waiting times between updates. It’s all about completing certain content, for which you use the unique Allagan Stones of Truth received. You can then exchange these stones with the traveling moogles for great rewards. These are, for example, the mounts of the primae fights or some unusual pieces.

Final Fantasy 14: It’s almost time for the Mog Mog collection again (1)

Source: Square Enix

This time belong the Demon Cube Earringsthe Elvaan Puppetas well as that Ufiti mount at the special prices. Diligent collectors can, however, dust off a lot more. The Mog Mog collection is said to last until the release of Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.2 this time. It is expected to appear at the end of August.

Here you get the Allagan Stones of Truth

You can get the Stones of Truth by completing special content. These are marked with an icon in the content search. For the sake of clarity, we have listed them here again for you:

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  • Orbonne Monastery: 7 stones
  • Castrum Meridianum – Praetorium: 7 stones
  • Leading Fire of Ridorana: 6 stones
  • Rabanastre: 5 stones
  • PvP battlefields: 3 to 5 stones
  • Keeper of the Lake: 4 stones
  • Historical Amdapor: 4 stones
  • Haukke Mansion: 4 stones
  • Castrum Meridianum – Exterior: 4 stones
  • Gold Claw: 4 stones
  • Porta Decumana: 3 stones
  • Fortress Dzemael: 3 stones
  • Omega Raid Line: 2 Stones
  • Weapon fights: 2 stones